Thursday, September 16, 2010

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, home fries, bacon
Lunch - Baja Fresh burrito and waffle fries (dont ask)
Dinner - ummmm

Weight - 184.5

Run - Started at MUSC and just kept going - like 4.2ish - 35 min 08 sec

Good Day / Bad Day

6 am check-in at MUSC came early but Charlie was in good spirits. Most likely because he had no idea what was coming. He did great in surgery and his ureters (he has an extra one) on the right side were elongated and re-implanted to stop the urine from refluxing back into the kidney. Its just so hard because he hasn't ate anything since last night and won't be able to until tomorrow morning so he is so hungry and tired and confused so he hasn't napped all day but just whined and whimpered. The MUSC doctors, nurses, staff, etc are great but all of the regulations and blah blah blah. No hospital is a day at the spa so we just make the most of it. It will be over soon. Mommy got to go home and sleep a bit while grammie and I stayed and that's when I got to go run. The run was mostly to burn stress from not being at work today when stuff needs to get done and also from talking about dad's prognosis and cancer journey at 7:30 in the am! That where the bad day comes in. I've come to the conclusion that we just have to keep maintaining his battle until God is ready. Ready for what; that hasn't been revealed yet. Most of my grass sprigs in the backyard are looking good though. Just waiting for them to spread now.

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