Monday, September 6, 2010 - Labor Day

I will not bore you with mundane facts of my life or even a listing of the crazy events that have occurred over the last eighteen months. I will not drag you through some background story in order to familiarize you with my life. Reason being, this is not a memoir and I am not in search of added readership to this blog.

Rather, I have decided to conduct an interpersonal experiment revolving around the events of my life, my quest for a happy and healthy lifestyle, and questions posed in current Biblical study. Now in my twenty-seventh year, I have discovered that this life will crush us and continually defeat our human bodies and minds. It is simply inevitable. The only way to make it and move forward with some sense of joyous celebration for what we have here on earth is to look towards our maker in Heaven. It is only His glory that can outshine the rubbish of this world. So I want to look at the raw human emotion. To temporarily remove God's light from the equation, and see how each day in and day out ends up when my eyes close. Then, looking back I believe I can be even more grateful for the love and grace the the Lord shows us each day. My personal history will be revealed a little at a time if such a daily event calls for it and the heart-wrenching events over the last year or so will have strenuous meaning as I leave perspective on each day. This will last for one year.
So, here's how it will work: At the end of each day, I will post under four or five subject lines.

The first will be a breakdown of what I consumed that day.
Second will be my weight as of that morning.
Third will be my 5k running time. Although occasionally I may run further that that distance.
Fourth will be if the day was overall a Good Day or a Bad Day.
The fifth, if applicable, will be any pertinent topic of that day as it intersects my life.

Don't try to figure out why I am posting this particular information on a day to day basis. Just know that for me, striving for a healthy lifestyle is important to me and logging that information helps keep me on track.

And one final note before this begins; After I blog each night, I will be sure to read in my Bible to re-center myself. If I attempt to be retrospective of my daily events completely in lieu in God, evil will surely overcome me. So first, experimentally, I will reveal my gut, human emotion and reason through this blog and to totally turn that on its head and save my personal sanity, I will shine God's light on my day.

Hey, it's Labor Day...I'll start tomorrow!

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