Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Two Favorite People in the World!
Breakfast - rice chex cereal and toast w/ apple butter
Lunch - Pizza
Dinner - two angus sliders and some tostidos

Weight - 184.5

Off Day from running

Good Day

My dinner was lacking tonight because I was flying solo tonight, which meant I had Charlie for his therapy, his medicine, his bath, his bottle, his change and his nitey nite while also feeding the dogs and getting myself ready for tomorrow. My super dad role tonight was because my wife, Fran, was treated to a early birthday dinner as her dad came down from Greer this afternoon and boy does she deserve time off and a good meal! She is the real superwoman! Especially now that she is bascially a stay at home mom and loving it! They had to go to the UPS warehouse in North Charleston so they just went over to the Old Towne on E. Montague to a little bistro called Cork. I'm anxious for their review. Tommorow we won't eat so well though as the day will be spent at MUSC for Charlie's surgery. This is to repair an extra ureter from his kidney to his bladder that is causing urine reflux. It's nothing too huge but it will be a relief to get him off one of his medicines and not have to worry about possible urinary tract infections that cause bigger problems. For me though, any surgery is scary so please join me in prayer for my little boy  tomorrow as well as all of his medical issues.

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