Saturday, September 11, 2010

Breakfast - Strawberry Pop Tart
Lunch - chicken wings and sausage dip...mmmm (my wife's recipe!)
Dinner - Pizza

Weight - 184.5 lbs

5k - 24 min. 36 sec.

Good Day

First off, I know, I ate horribly today but that's ok. Sometimes you get to. That's the point of being balanced. Second, Where were you on this day nine years ago? I was walking into my Psych class at Wofford.
Third, days like today come few and far between. This morning reminded me of when I woke up the mornings of my opening days for baseball season all my life. Just, I wasn't playing anything now, I was going to watch some awesome college football! Go Cocks!!! Go James Madison!!! Serves you right Boise St!!! Come on Tennessee, keep giving it to the Pac-10

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