Friday, September 10, 2010

Breakfast - scrambled egg, toast, 2 turkey sausage links
Lunch - grilled pimento cheese with fried green tomatoes and bacon sandwich, coleslaw at the Okra Grill (more on that place later!)
Dinner - the Park Circle Burger and sweet potato fries at Sesame Burgers and Brew (even more on that place later later.)

Weight - 184 lbs

Frustration Run! - no time, no distance, just run until you feel better

Bad Day

The government sucks; I hate jumping through hoops that get you nowhere in business. My bro's financial aid at school has got dad stressed out, which is not good when he and mom are running around trying to get everything in order for the monthly Philly trip for dad's chemo. We all have these days when you just want to stop, go away, and not look at whatever it is in front on you. And some may say to keep on keeping on, but maybe it isn't so bad to slow it all down, get away and re-center yourself. That's what I did tonight and why my little vent here is this short. Thank you to my sweet wife and Kristin and Patrick!

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