Thursday, September 9, 2010

Breakfast - Rice Chex cereal (boring)
Lunch - Chicken Chipolte Wrap and Sun Chips at McAlisters (gettin' better)
Dinner - Angus beef sliders (2), baked Ruffles, small salad (nothing to write home about)

Weight - 185.5 lbs

5k - 23 min. 18 sec.

Good Day

Finished Spriging my backyard with wonderful beach grass, aka St. Augustine sod, which can only be sodded or spriged since seeds are not sold. My back hurts!

Who provided the sod? These cool people about a mile down Savannah Hwy. Lets see, I've bought sand, slag, mulch, sod, and more from them because they are 75 percent of our beloved warehouse stores and they actually know what they are selling.

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