Sunday, September 12, 2010

Breakfast - two slices of toast with apple butter (from stono market, mmm)
Lunch - homemade chicken nuggets (thanks hun!), stir fry veggies, green beans
Dinner - Shrimp and Grits, rice pilaf, french cut green beans
Snack - I had to eat a slice of cold pizza this afternoon

Weight - 183.5 - I ran before I weighed

7 mile run - 1 hr. 3 min. 14 sec.

Good Day
Jenni w/ Molly in the background on the Greenway
Nasty thunderstorm woke me up at 5 am, I fed Charlie, and then was up and completely awake so took off on a run that just keep going and going. Right down Savannah Hwy then back up the West Ashley Greenway. Nothing better than the smell of salt marsh and yellow jessamine before the sun comes up. Plus, I'm really excited about my wife and I finding a small group at ECBC. All this coupled with opening day of the NFL. Niiiiiiccceeeee. 

And just because, my top five single days in sports
1) Opening Day of MLB
2) Opening Rounds of March Madness
3) Bowl Season (i know its not one day)
4) The College World Series
5) The day the NBA is over for the year

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